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Art: Work by artists who, while not necessarily Pantheists, create(d) art that may be considered Pantheistic.

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  • Art Nouveau (2) Late 19th and early 20th century art movement that, in many ways, may be considered Pantheistic in its use of plant and animal forms and in its recognition that humanity is not above Nature but inextricably part of it.

  • Burchfield, Charles (1893 - 1967) (5) American watercolor artist, frequently referred to as a Pantheist, although Panentheist might be considered by some to be the more accurate description.

  • Constable, John (1776 - 1837) (1) English landscape painter who sought a more realistic presentation of the ever-changing face of Nature.

  • Durer, Albrecht (1471 - 1528) (2) German artist whose lifelong interest in Nature provided the theme for some of his finest work.

  • Monet, Claude (1840 - 1926) (3) French artist for whom the depiction of Nature became a life's work and whose painting "Impression - Sunrise" inspired the term Impressionism.

  • O'Keeffe, Georgia (1887 - 1986) (2) American artrist, much of whose work represents an organic abstraction of form that resolutely celebrates Nature.

  • Taoist Art (3) Painting is felt to be the best creative form with which to express the essence of Tao, superior to both speech and the written word.

  • Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775 - 1851) (2) Along with Constable, one of the greatest landscape painters of the 19th century, who became increasingly obsessed with the depiction of shifting light and atmosphere.

  • American Landscape Painting (5) American artists of the Hudson River and Luminist Schools exhibited an almost religious feeling for Nature and regarded American lands as virgin, undefiled by humans.

  • A Brief History of Nature and the American Consciousness A consideration of American attitudes to Nature with particular reference to American landscape artists.

  • A World For My Sheep Fantasy art in watercolours, acrylics and colour pencils by Luis Peres, an artist who draws his inspiration from the seascapes and landscapes of the Algarve in Portugal.

  • Cerebral Dynamix A Christian artist's mildly pantheistic art depicting a living and divine consciousness within nature.

  • Daan Hoekstra Nature inspired art and essays by Daan Hoekstra. "Art is all about nature...Most of my recent work focuses on the concrete links that bind humanity to nature. When we drink water, clouds, rivers and oceans flow through us, every day. What once might have been a drop in the Nile becomes a living functioning part of the body. When we breathe, the sky flows though us every minute, binding us inseparably to flora. The universe is poetic. I try to express that in my work."

  • Diane Harvey Gallery Vibrant cosmic visions painted by the New Earth Foundation's Diane Harvey of Sedona, Arizona

  • Evolution Mandala Animated artwork by Arthur Chandler begins with the Pantheistic message "We are all one", develops into a beautiful rose window and shows images from biology and astronomy.

  • Krakamarken Danish Nature Art Park, occupying seventy acres of hilly Jutland countryside, where artists work with natural materials and the processes of Nature.

  • Lois Bartlett Tracy Short autobiography, "What A Great Life", by 20th century artist Lois Bartlett Tracy, with several examples of her work. Her paintings are now on permanent display at the Musum of Modern Art in New York and at the Smithsonian in Washington DC.

  • National Gallery of Art - Constable and Turner, British Landscapes of the Early 1800s Overview of each artist's distinctive expression of their shared fascination with Nature, followed by a virtual tour of an extensive gallery.

  • Nature in Art Permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, educational programmes etc., all based at Wallsworth Hall situated two miles north of Gloucester in the UK.

  • Pantheist Fantasies Pantheistic art by World Pantheist Movement member Paxdora.

  • Paxdora's CRONOgraphs World Pantheist Movement member's galleries of C.R.O.N.O. (Contrived Reflections of Natural Objects) graphs.

  • Sacred Geometry Exercises Exercises from the library of the Academy for Sacred Architectural Studies. Includes Sunflower, Nautilus Spiral, Snowflake and Six-Around-One (eg Daffodil).

  • Sacred Places An exploration of how and why places become invested with Sacredness and how the Sacred is embodied or made manifest through Art and Architecture.

  • Spiral Gallery Gallery of cyber-art spirals by Stuart Stell.

  • The Caledonia Gallery Online Gallery featuring the surrealist paintings of Pantheist artist John S. Lynch.

  • The World Pantheist Movement's Arts Galleries Selection of art created by members of the World Pantheist Movement and its on-line communities.

  • Webshots - Julian Parker Burns Luscious collages, photography and paintings with a very pronounced Pantheistic viewpoint, created by young contemporary artist Julian Parker Burns.

  • Winter in the Mountains, a Pantheist Poem: Morning 1900 landscape painting by Vittore Grubicy de Dragon.

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